Desert & Delta Safaris, Botswana, announces the rebuild of Savute Safari Lodge

Desert & Delta Safaris, Botswana, announces the rebuild of Savute Safari Lodge

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Savute Safari Lodge, part of the Desert & Delta Safaris’ portfolio of luxury lodges, is making a stunning comeback on the 1st of June 2024 after a complete rebuild. A highlight for travellers for the past 25 years, the new Savute Safari Lodge elevates the safari experience to new luxury standards.

All the rooms feature a combination of natural thatching and canvas, to envelop guests in a stunning natural environment and welcome temperature control during the hotter months. For the first time, private outdoor showers have been made integral to a Desert & Delta lodge, offering guests the magic of a starlit shower or a brisk cool-down after an exhilarating morning on safari.

Guest rooms have been designed to offer breathtaking views of the famous Savute Channel, which stretches all the way from the Linyanti River to Savute Marsh. The winding waterways have pumped life into the western section of Chobe National Park for many thousands of generations, with a fascinating history of unpredictability, as they flood and dry up in their own distinct way.

The sophisticated yet simple interior décor blends elements of traditional safari lodge design with a clean, contemporary feel. The colour palette draws inspiration from the striking contrasts of the Kalahari, blending earthy greens and the vibrant colours of the life-giving rains.

One of the main highlights is the communal space, which has been carefully reimagined to prioritise views over one of the most dramatic waterholes in Botswana. An elevated deck with a central fireplace leads down to a sunken hide, allowing guests to get up close to wildlife and enjoy eye-level contact with the prolific animals that abound in Savute.

This unique waterhole has been featured in world-renowned wildlife documentaries, including National Geographic’s Savage Kingdom and the BBC’s Planet Earth series, where scenes have captured high-drama battles between rival predators and huge gatherings of thirsty elephants. It offers one of the best ‘in-lodge’ wildlife experiences in Africa.

Resident elephants make their way to the Channel to eat, drink, and play, while large herds of zebra move from the north to the grasslands and full waterholes in the southwest – one of the longest land-mammal migrations in the world. The migration, followed by large concentrations of lions, also sets the scene for sightings of leopards and cheetahs and is a must for visitors.

Recognised as a prime game-viewing area, Savute also promises glimpses of endangered wild dogs, said to be the most efficient hunter in Africa. Many hyenas also live here, formidable hunters in their own right and often competing with lions for prey.

Commenting on the rebuild and rebirth of Savute Lodge, Desert & Delta Safaris’ managing director Matthew Johnson said: “This is an incredibly exciting project for us. Savute is such an iconic safari destination, and the new Savute Safari Lodge will offer guests a front-row seat to the wildlife of the unique and mysterious Savute from an extremely comfortable and stylish lodge.

“The design and style are distinctly different to other lodges in the Desert& Delta Safaris’ portfolio, ensuring each lodge exhibits its own individual character while upholding its commitment to local empowerment and warm, friendly, and professional service.”

Fast Facts:

  • 11 standard rooms and 1 family room (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • New viewing hide added to the main area
  • Larger rooms with a sophisticated yet simple interior décor

Savute Safari Lodge reopens to guests on 1st of June 2024.

The post Desert & Delta Safaris, Botswana, announces the rebuild of Savute Safari Lodge appeared first on Brand TD.

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