One with the forest at Onsen @ Moncham

One with the forest at Onsen @ Moncham

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Wattana Kaewmano, General Manger of Onsen @ Moncham by Rasa Hospitality Management & Development


Ever visited a luxurious retreat in the middle of a natural forest that offers a blend of Japanese Onsen rituals and Northern Thai culture? That too in Thailand… Onsen @ Moncham is just that place. In conversation with Brand TD, Wattana Kaewmano, General Manger of Onsen @ Moncham by Rasa Hospitality Management & Development, tells us about MICE, guest satisfaction and loyalty, incentives for travel trade, partnerships and much more at the hotel.

Brand TD:  In what ways do you envision Onsen @ Moncham standing out amongst other hotels in the market to attract bookings from meeting planners and travel agents?

Wattana Kaewmano(WK): As Designed by a National Artist from Habita Architecture firm, Onsen @ Moncham is a cultural retreat where guests will find themselves at one with nature while experiencing a harmonious blend of Japanese Onsen Rituals and Northern Thai Culture.

Our Ryokan offers exceptional accommodation with international standard in a natural forest environment. Located 1200 meters above sea level, the retreat features an expansive Japanese Garden, amazing views and embraces local culture and charm while offering truly personalised service.

Our upscale Japanese’s restaurant, led by our Executive Chef Tom, who was hand -on trained by Japanese chef sensei, it sets a new benchmark in culinary excellence, drawing inspiration from import Japanese product and using vegetable, spices and locally sourced ingredients from local farm in PongYang area.

The restorative waters of the Onsen@ Moncham are heated with an indigenous Japanese onsen heating system ensuring the natural waters will purify the skin, body and mind.

Brand TD:   What strategies would you implement to improve guest satisfaction and loyalty and does that differ from the domestic Thai customer vs International customers.

WK: From the moment guests step into the Ryokan area, they will get a hint of the Japanese culture the Ryokan structure blend with northern Thai culture as welcome experiences awaiting them.

Well trained associates with personalise guest service, these skilled professionals propose activities based on individual preferences. Our commitment extends till check-out, making our Thai customer and international customers feel special and want to return after they have left.

Brand TD: How would you approach building and managing relationships with local and international partners to enhance Onsen @ Moncham’s reputation within the travel & meeting industry?

WK: We have researched and identified potential partners, including local travel agencies, tour operators, event planners, hotels, and international travel associations. Considering factors such as their reputation, clientele, and alignment with Onsen @ Moncham’s brand values.

With personalized communication highlighting the unique offerings and value proposition of Onsen @ Moncham, we try to demonstrate how a partnerships could benefit both parties and contribute to mutual success as well as local community.

We are developing collaborative offerings or packages that leverage the strengths and expertise of both Onsen @ Moncham and its partners. For example, partner with local tour, farm, activity operators to offer exclusive wellness packages, or collaborate with event planners to host corporate retreats and meetings at Onsen @ Moncham’s facilities.

Brand TD: What strategies and incentives have you utilized (or will use) to attract meeting planner and travel agents bookings?

WK: Our Ryokan offers exceptional accommodation with international standards in a natural forest environment. With our unique location and standard, we will round up, create exclusive packages or special offers specifically for travel agents and meeting planners. These could include discounted rates, complimentary upgrades, or value-added amenities such as spa treatments, dining credits, or transportation services.

We will also organise familiarisation trips for travel agents to experience Onsen @ Moncham firsthand. Allow them to explore the property, sample the facilities and services, and participate in activities or events. FAM trips help familiarize them with the offerings and enable them to confidently promote Onsen @ Moncham to their clients.

Brand TD: How do you approach strategic partnerships and collaborations with other businesses or organizations to promote Onsen @ Moncham as a preferred destination

WK: Potential Partners to identify businesses or organizations that complement Onsen @ Moncham’s offerings and target audience. Initiate discussions with potential partners to identify shared goals and objectives. Determine how collaborating with Onsen @ Moncham can benefit both parties, such as expanding customer reach, enhancing brand visibility, or driving revenue growth.

Brand TD: Other than the Japanese theme, in a competitive market like the hotel industry, how do you further differentiate Onsen @ Moncham from other hotels?

WK: The Unique of Guest Experiences: we offer distinctive guest experiences that go beyond typical hotel guest experiences. This could include personalised services, curated activities, wellness programs, local cultural workshops, or outdoor adventures tailored to the local surroundings.

One of Highlight is Onsen @ Moncham’s offer is the restorative natural waters with a combination of copper, magnesium, zinc, calcium and sulfate ions are heated with an indigenous Japanese onsen heating system ensuring the natural waters will purify the skin, body and mind.



The post One with the forest at Onsen @ Moncham appeared first on Brand TD.

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