The U.S. Is No Longer The World’s 2nd Favorite Destination: This European Country Took Over

The U.S. Is No Longer The World’s 2nd Favorite Destination: This European Country Took Over

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What a world we live in! There are people across the globe still in awe of chasing the “American dream”, but some of us Americans are growing tired of traveling America ourselves.

When it comes to traveling, there are some amazing places to visit in the U.S, from iconic cities, stunning National Parks, and awesome beaches from coast to coast.

Female tourist in Toledo, Spain

Long holding 2nd place behind France as the most visited country in the world, the U.S. is no longer going for gold, but finds themselves a step back holding bronze.

France is still the most visited, but another European powerhouse continues breaking tourism records, overpowering the U.S. for 2nd place.

Spain Gives The U.S. The Boot

Crowded beach in Spain

Whether it’s America’s strange politics, violent reputation, or simply time for another destination to grab the spotlight, Spain is now the 2nd most visited nation in the world.

And what a year Spain is having!

Like the U.S., there are iconic cities, stunning nature, and incredible beaches wrapped around the coast.

Oh, and islands. They definitely beat the U.S. in that department. Sorry, Catalina!

Needless to say, Spain is having a moment. So much so that locals are demanding action to curb the influx of crowds as the number of visitors has almost doubled their total population.

Happy tourists taking selfie in Barcelona

One of the main draws of Spain is its unique culture, but sometimes, holding on to what lures tourists can get lost in the sauce.

Nonetheless, Spain, nor its hordes of tourists, are going anywhere overnight.

As summer is right around the corner, it’s all but guaranteed to skyrocket even more with such amazing places to visit.

Can Spain Overtake France? Better Yet, Should They?

Lots can be said about overtourism in many different countries. Some places are just being dramatic, while others have a very real problem.

La Seu in Palma on gorgeous day

We all know how the world shifted seemingly overnight during the pandemic, and we’re seeing now how that shift doesn’t just go back to normal right away.

Travelers have forged their own paths by forming new trends and sticking it to the man after being cooped up and bossed around.

Spain is one of the main culprits, or victims, depending how you look at it. A culprit as it’s so enticing to visit, and a victim as there are arguably way too many people entering.

This is where it gets tricky – Spain didn’t do themselves any favors by launching a digital nomad visa, a trend that has become all the rage since the dark days of COVID.

Digital nomad at cafe

The country is riding a seesaw, trying to overtake France as the most popular destination on the planet all while attempting to maintain their authenticity and keep their own residents happy.

Like Jordi Hereu, Spain’s minister of tourism and industry, said, ‘without citizens there are no tourist destinations’.

If Spain does ultimately give the boot to France too, it probably won’t be the year Paris hosts the Summer Olympics.

Where Are Travelers Going In Spain?

Spain is on a roll of continuously breaking tourism records, but where are travelers going?

Beautiful coastline of Costa Brava

That’s easy. The answer is everywhere!

Cities upon cities, beaches upon beaches, and islands upon islands are seeing huge spikes in tourism.

Visiting Spain is one of the easiest countries to reach from the U.S. as direct flights are plentiful and often among the cheapest in Europe, especially if you take LEVEL, the country’s own budget airline.

Truth be told, Spain isn’t the best place to avoid the crowds this summer. Even lesser-known coastal gems like Benalmadena are becoming trendy new hotspots.

Of course, Spanish staples like Madrid and Barcelona never get old for historic urban adventures, and neither do incredible paradisal islands, such as Mallorca or Formentera.

Row of historic white buildings in Benalmadena

But, even as popular as it is, it’s safe to say you can skip out on the fist-pumping crowds of Ibiza.

Spain has so much more to offer.

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