These Are The 3 Most Popular Cities For Digital Nomads In South America

These Are The 3 Most Popular Cities For Digital Nomads In South America

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We can all agree that the travel trend ever increasing is the rise of the digital nomad—those seeking the freedom of working on the road while fulfilling their travel needs. What was once considered an ‘unusual path’ to follow is now the norm for many people. 

Over the last few years, more and more workers are on the move. Now, over 40 countries offer some form of a digital nomad visa, making this an achievable possibility for many hopeful travelers. dissected thousands of Instagram posts using the hashtag #digitalnomad in an effort to discover where most of the digital nomads reside around the globe, and they found that 3 cities in South America outranked all others.

remote worker woman

After scouring through thousands of posts across all continents, they found that London had the most vibrant nomad community in Europe, NYC in the U.S., and Bangkok was found to be the second-busiest destination for nomads globally.

From this report, it’s clear to see that digital nomads take up space all over the world. Offering sunny weather, low cost of living, and affordable flights from the U.S., nomads wanting to live in South America are increasing in large numbers. 

According to, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, and Medellin saw the highest populations of nomads based on the posts found on social media. 

buenos aires

Buenos Aires

Ranking at number 1, the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires has 8.3% more digital nomads than Rio. The vibrant city didn’t make the top spot on’s 2022 report, which shows that it’s growing in popularity: so now’s the time to go!

A cultural haven in South America with reasonable prices, it’s no surprise digital nomads are drawn to this way of living.

Local start-ups and a friendly expat community make it easy for those relocating to get involved with the local cultures and people. 

Tourist in Buenos Aires

The city heard, and they delivered! Buenos Aires has many co-working spaces around the city for remote workers. A few of these spaces host events specifically for digital nomads, making it easy to grow your community as a newbie. 

It can often be quite intimidating to move to a new country- especially when there’s a language barrier. Fortunately for nomads, Buenos Aires makes every effort to make the move less stressful and chaotic. 

Upon arrival, nomads can pick up their visas and welcome packages. (This includes hotel discounts and a SIM card to get started: winning!)

rio de janeiro

Rio De Janeiro

Sun, seaside, and a lively culture? What more could you ask for? Often considered one of the friendliest cities in South America, Rio makes a big move feel effortless. 

While Brazil has so many amazing places to explore, nomads are drawn to the seaside city thanks to its affordable prices and local culture.

Carnival, festivals, and street performances- there’s always something happening in the city center. 

Woman looking at Rio in Brazil

Being a nomad-friendly city, there’s a large community of fellow remote-workers, travelers, and expats around.

Brazil was actually one of the first South American countries to offer a digital nomad visa program.

Income requirements for the visa are to make at least $1,500 a month — which is quite low compared to most (or you must show you have a minimum of $18,000 saved). 

medellin festival


Colombia has certainly grown over the years in terms of safety and tourism. shows that 3 cities in this South American country made it in the top 10 for 2023: Bogota (#9), Santa Marta (#7), and Medellin (#3).

The government is hoping to draw over 45,000 nomads to the country by next summer after releasing their new digital nomad visa earlier this year.

el poblado neighborhood medellin

While not all nomads crave the buzzing city life, the outskirts of Medellin are also filled with quaint neighborhoods with vibrant traveler populations. 

I visited Colombia last summer, staying in the popular (and safe) area of El Poblado. A chic community just 20 minutes from the city of Medellin, it’s the perfect spot for digital nomads. 

With its tree-lined streets, hostels, and an array of restaurants/bars, this neighborhood is teeming with nomads and solo travelers. There are also many cafes around and working spaces.

medellin communa 13

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