These Are The 4 Cheapest Destinations In Italy For Digital Nomads Right Now

These Are The 4 Cheapest Destinations In Italy For Digital Nomads Right Now

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It would be easier to list what Italy doesn’t have (Domino’s and afternoon cappucinos) than to list everything this iconic country has to offer. 

Some visitors come for the spectacular food and wine; others for the history, the romance, or the breathtaking coastlines. 

It’s no surprise that travelers today are flocking to Italy at 70% higher rates than last year, breaking tourism records left and right. But one demographic of travelers in particular is pouring into Italy in droves – the digital nomads. 

aerial view of naples

In fact, digital nomad demand in Italy has risen so much that the country has created a new digital nomad visa scheduled to launch later this year.

For many digital nomads, the biggest hurdle to working remotely from Italy is the painful price tag. 

Top Italian destinations like Rome, Milan, and Florence can cost digital nomads over $4,300 per month – but those aren’t the only options. 

Here are the five most affordable digital nomad destinations in Italy right now:


The popular Sicilian capital happens to be the cheapest big city in Italy. The average cost of living for a digital nomad here is $2,300 per month.

Palermo is also one of the top ten fastest-growing digital nomad hubs in the world. The city is home to five times more digital nomads today than in 2018. 

While the digital nomad infrastructure in the slow-paced seaside Sicily can’t compete with bustling Rome or Milan, nomads will still find plenty of options for working remotely. 

colorful streets of palermo italy

There are over 60 coworking starting at  $11 per day or $300 per month. The international community is a diverse mix of digital nomads, expats, slow travelers, and exchange students from all over. 

Staying connected in Palermo is pretty easy. Wi-Fi averages 15mbps and is widely available throughout the city. SIM cards cost $21-26 for 15G tourist packages (plus a $10 activation charge). 

Enjoying the high life by the Sicilian seaside doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Espresso will get your day started for less than a euro ($1.09). A simple restaurant meal averages $10. You can come away from one of Palermo’s famously colorful farmer’s markets with a week of groceries for under $20. 

Exploring the larger Palermo region is affordable, too. Bus rides are less than $2, and regional trains to nearby beach towns like Cefalu can be purchased for as little as $7.

palermo italy architecture at sunset


In the mood for a kiss? Perugia is home to Italy’s famous Baci Perugina, or chocolate “kiss.” 

Nicknamed the “University City,” it’s also known for its vibrant nightlife and youthful energy. For those interested in learning Italian while they work and travel, Perugia is home to some of the best Italian language courses in the country. 

This hidden gem also boasts some of the most affordable rents in Italy, bringing down the average cost of living for a digital nomad to $2,200 per month. 

The cost of living here is cheaper than over 80% of other Western European cities.

The Umbrian capital’s convenient location is another selling point. Digital nomads can enjoy easy and quick access to both Rome and Florence ($10-20 and 1.5-3 hours by train) while living at half the cost of these big cities.

Wi-Fi speeds average a speedy 64mbps. There are only a handful of coworking spaces in Perugia, but there are plenty of work-friendly cafes and libraries.

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colorful streets of perugia italy


Just 20 miles from extravagant Venice, there’s an underrated cultural destination at a perfect price point for digital nomads. 

Padova’s cinematic spires and picturesque rivers would make anyone question why all the tourists are passing straight by the ‘city of canals.’ 

Digital nomads may feel like they’re living in an Italian film, but they won’t feel the squeeze. The average cost of living for a digital nomad here is $2,300 per month.

Free Wi-Fi averages 54mbps and is widely available around the city. There are over 40 coworking spaces starting from $110/month. 

old town of padua italy


Ah, the slightly seedy birthplace of everyone’s favorite food: pizza. 

Many digital nomads find it worth braving a little roughness around Napoli’s edges for an authentic taste of Italian culture and cuisine at affordable prices. 

The average cost of living for a digital nomad in Napoli is $2,900 per month. The city makes for a well-positioned, budget-friendly base for exploring the Amalfi coast and nearby islands.

There are over 40 coworking spaces starting at $22/day, and a handful of beautiful libraries. Wi-Fi speeds average 74mbps. Digital nomads will have better luck working from their laptops in historic libraries, shared offices, and cafes near Federico II University than most coffeeshops in Napoli.

aerial view of italian town

No matter what pace of life or Italian dish you prefer, there’s an affordable city in Italy waiting for you. Digital nomads can jump on this opportunity to explore a country like no other without breaking the bank.

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