This Unique Destination Is One Of Europe’s Best Kept Secrets 

This Unique Destination Is One Of Europe’s Best Kept Secrets 

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Europe is a continent with such an array of amazing destinations, each offering something different from the last. Although more and more countries are being hailed as Europe’s newest underrated hotspot, the truth is that there are still places that tend to fly under the radar. 

One such place lies at the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is unique in many ways, and offers visitors once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Welcome to Gibraltar, possibly one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. 

Metro Cable Car in Gibraltar

As a British overseas territory in a southern Spanish climate, Gibraltar is a unique combination of British influence in the Spanish sunshine. There are so many beaches to enjoy, unique things to do, warm weather, and some epic views.

Gibraltar might not be on many travelers’ radar, but its unique charm and stunning location make it a can’t-miss destination for anyone looking for someplace a bit different than the usual European beach town. 

typical buildings of Gibraltar downtown. View from Main street. Gibraltar. British Overseas Territory. UK

Here’s Why Gibraltar Is One Of Europe’s Best Kept Secrets:

Endless Activities

Flying into Gibraltar is an experience in itself, as only a few airlines operate this flight, and the pilots must be experienced in the unique landing. Sweeping in right next to the imposing Rock of Gibraltar and landing on an airway that crosses the highway is quite the experience, as is walking to town across that same highway after landing. 

Taking the cable car up the rock is a top activity, and of course, hanging out with all of the Barbery monkeys for some pics; after all, this is the only place in Europe with monkeys running wild. When you are done at the top of the rock, check out the many interesting tunnels leftover from the Seige of the 1700s. 

Don’t miss a visit to Europa Point, the southernmost point of Gibraltar. With the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean colliding in front of you, on a clear day, you can gaze across the strait to Africa. Things to see include Trinity Lighthouse, a Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim mosque, Sikorski Memorial, and Harding’s Battery.

@london.edition Top things to do in Gibraltar 🇬🇮 1. Book a dolphin excursion with a pickup and drop off from Ocean Village 🐬 you can find tickets on websites such as Trip Advisor. 2. Take a cable car up to The Top Of The Rock 🪨🚠 where you can see the monkeys 🐒 & absorb spectacular views 🔎 3. Visit St Michael’s Cave & make sure you watch the light show which takes place every 20 minutes ✨ 4. Walk on glass panels at Skywalk and take in breathtaking 360 views 🏔️ 5. Visit the Great Siege Tunnels which were dug out from solid limestone by the British during the Great Siege of Gibraltar of the late 18th century 6. Stay in Ocean Village (we’d recommend the Sunborn Hotel) which is only a 9 min stroll from the airport and offers over 20 vibrant oceanfront restaurants and bars 🍹 #fyp #foryoupage #travel #gibraltar #thingstodo ♬ Cooped Up / Return Of The Mack – Post Malone & Mark Morrison & Sickick

Unique Beaches 

For those coming to Gibraltar looking for a beach holiday, you are in luck. Many head to Catalan Bay, tucked into the eastern side of the Rock, or Eastern Beach, Gibraltar’s largest beach, which is located adjacent to the airstrip. 

You can also head to  Western Beach, which is surprise surprise, on the west side of the Rock, sandwiched between the airport runway and the Spanish border. 

There is also Sandy Bay, the southernmost of Gibraltar’s beaches, offering ample space to relax on its soft orange sand imported from the Sahara. 

@rediscovering_emily Visit Catalan Bay in Gibraltar 🇬🇮 Colourful Catalan Bay is waiting to be discovered on the Eastern side of the rock of Gibraltar. With crystal clear waters, a sandy beach and a maze of vibrant buildings, Catalan Bay is a unique and charming destination. Top tips: • Catch the number 4 or 8 bus to get here. • Get here early if you plan to visit in the summer season to get a good spot on the beach. • If you plan to stop for a meal here, pre-book a table on arrival in one of the restaurants. 📍 Hit save and include Catalan Bay as part of your trip to Gibraltar. #gibraltartiktok #visitgibraltar #expatadventures #solotravelwoman #traveltiktoker ♬ Tropical Summer – FASSounds

Shopping, Eating, and Drinking  

Thanks in part to its unique blend of cultures, Gibraltar has a pretty impressive food scene. 

Classic British pubs sit in the numerous squares in town, offering a pint and some fish and chips while watching the football, or head to the endless taps restaurants to get your Spanish fix. Pizza places, French bistros, American sports bars, African-influenced restaurants, and everything else abound here as well. 

For those that are here to shop, Gibraltar is a duty-free British Colony, and therefore, goods are cheaper here than other places in Europe. Many shops line the streets, from home brand stores to unique places for special gifts. 

Tourists walking on Main Street at sunny day, with the Belfry of Saint Mary the Crowned Cathedral in the background. Gibraltar downtown

Location, Location, Location  

Gibraltar lies at a very unique location, which is why it’s such a cultural melting pot nowadays. Sitting on a narrow peninsula of the southern Mediterranean coast of Spain, getting here is part of the fun.

As mentioned, the airport in itself is one of a kind, but those coming from mainland Spain can simply cross the border at La Línea. Arriving from Portugal can be done via train and bus, connecting at Seville

The close proximity to the northern tip of Africa means you can reach Tangier via ferry, or those going to Morocco can also take a short and easy ferry as well. The views from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar allow you to see all these countries from one vantage point. 

@cutste10 Yes you can see Africa from Gibraltar 🫶 #fyp #amazingscenery #africa #marocco #spain #uk #travel ♬ In The Forest (Acoustic Indie No Copyright) – Instrumental – Lesfm & Olexy

Quirky Charm

Some might call Gibraltar “the weirdest place they have ever been”, and while they wouldn’t be wrong, the title is meant in an affectionate way more often than not. Some call it quirky, some underrated, but whatever travelers call it, it’s clear that this is one unique place. 

Gibraltar will leave an impression on anyone who visits, and those looking for a little bit of Britain in the sun will find that, and those looking for a multicultural town in a stunning location will find that box checked as well. 

@jackscar123 Cheeky few days in Gibraltar (the oddest place I’ve ever visited) #gibraltar #spain #holiday #vacation #monkey #weird ♬ Anywhere – Rita Ora

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