Why This Lesser-Known Mexico Beach Destination Is The Next Big Digital Nomad Hotspot

Why This Lesser-Known Mexico Beach Destination Is The Next Big Digital Nomad Hotspot

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It’s no secret that Mexico has become a favored destination with travelers and digital nomads alike recently, and more destinations within this fascinating country are emerging as great places to explore and call home for a bit. 

The southern state of Oaxaca (pronounced wa-ha-ka) is one example of a Mexican destination that was preciously underrated by International travelers yet now has exploded in popularity. Having been recently named the best city in the world, the once sleepy Oaxaca is now becoming a digital nomad destination to watch. 

Puerto Escondido beach

From the state capital of Oaxaca City to the Pacific beaches along the over 330 miles of coastline, there is much to love about this Mexican state, and it’s likely that it’s only going to get more popular. 

Why are digital nomads loving Oaxaca right now? Some reasons include a cheap cost of living, a lower crime rate than other nearby states, a growing digital nomad community, the fact that it’s culture-packed, the underrated beaches and natural landscapes, the good wifi and co-working spots, and not to mention the amazing food and drink scene. 

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Here’s Why Oaxaca Is The Next Big Digital Nomad Hotspot:

A Growing Community 

With more and more digital nomads deciding to come to check out the buzz that Oaxaca has been receiving, the community is growing and becoming more connected. The capital of Oaxaca City is a popular place for digital nomads, but those looking for the beach often settle in Puerto Escondido

With sand-covered streets, great food, decent internet, and numerous co-working spots to log on from, this beach town is only growing in popularity with remote workers. And the epic surf dense hurt its case either. 

Digital nomads looking for a more authentic and rugged beach vibe can check out Chacahua, with its large Afro-Mexican community and fishing village feel. This off-path town might be more authentic but remember that the internet and other amenities needed for working remotely might be harder to come by here. 

Scenic old city streets and colorful colonial buildings in historic city center of oaxaca mexico


Despite being one of the country’s poorer states, Oaxaca is a safe choice for digital nomads looking to settle in Mexico for a while. While petty crime such as pickpocketing does exist, simple precautions will help you to avoid that. 

Protests can be common in the capital here, and while they are almost always peaceful, just remember to stay away from them as a foreigner. 

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A Foodie’s Paradise 

Some have called Oaxaca the center of Mexico’s culinary scene, and it’s easy to see why. In a country with amazing food such as Mexico, you know that to take the foodie crown a place must be special, and Oaxaca is just that. 

Thanks to a unique climate with an elevation of five thousand feet and a subtropical highland location, things just grow different in this region, and therefore local flavors end up being those that you cannot replicate anywhere else.

Oaxaca is also considered to be the birthplace of Mexico’s beloved Mezcal, and over 90% of the world’s supply comes from here. Don’t miss a chance to sample the local spirits and food, as if I need to tell you twice. 

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The area is home to a mix of eleven major indigenous groups living alongside each other. And here you can see some of the biggest populations of the last remaining various indigenous groups of the region. 

While Oaxaca City is a huge draw for digital nomads, the beaches along the Pacific coast are where many remote workers set up shop for a while. Puerto Escondido, Chacahua, Zipolite, San Agustinillo, and Mazunte are all popular choices, and the communities of digital nomads slash surfers are growing each month. 

While the internet was previously known to be a bit spotty in these towns, it seems that it’s getting more and more reliable as more digital nomads descend onto these locations.

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Culture Capital 

While the country of Mexico has no shortage of culture to enjoy and learn about, the state of Oaxaca’s depth of unique cultural traditions offers lessons from a long history. From the colorful buildings lining the streets to the ruins nearby, there is a lot to take in.

Oaxaca is officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is the nearby archaeological settlement of Monte Alban, a must-visit to see some of the history of the Zapotecs. 

church of santo domingo de guzman oaxaca mexico

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