Elevating entrepreneurial skills at Cross Hotels & Resorts Leadership Conference

Elevating entrepreneurial skills at Cross Hotels & Resorts Leadership Conference

Harry Thaliwal, CEO, Cross Hotels & Resorts

Embark on an entrepreneurial journey like never before with Cross Hotels & Resorts as they lead the charge in redefining the hotel industry through the concept of the ‘Entrepreneur.’
Cross Hotels & Resorts are holding a Leadership Conference from 27th to 30th May, with the theme “Growth: Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit.”

The conference was opened by Harry Thaliwal, CEO, Cross Hotels & Resorts. The leadership conference, hosted at the exclusive Away Bangkok Riverside Kene, opened with a dynamic keynote presentation that set the stage for a groundbreaking shift in hospitality management.

L-R: Harry Thaliwal, CEO, Cross Hotels & Resorts; Buddhachard Paengchai (Nim) VP Marketing Communication, Cross Hotels & Resorts; Gary Marshall, Founder and CEO, TDM


The conference attendees include General Managers and key stakeholders across Cross Hotels & Resorts. The focus was clear – to inspire innovation, drive growth and revolutionise the way hotels are managed.

Elevate your Hotel Business with imbibing the ‘Intrapreneurial Spirit’

The keynote speaker at the conference, Gary Marshall, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a remarkable journey starting from humble beginnings as a travel agent in Adelaide at the age of 18 years. He shared his invaluable experiences that shaped a successful career in the industry. With ventures spanning multiple locations and sectors, including the establishment of TMS Asia Pacific and Travel Daily Media, the speaker’s intrapreneurial spirit remains unwavering even as new opportunities unfold under CharltonMedia.com ownership.

Gary Marshall, Founder and CEO, Travel Daily Media


Gary’s keynote: “How can you be an entrepreneur when you are working for someone else”? Well, welcome to the new world of the “Intrepreneur”. Intrepreneur’s can be and will be the game-changers of the Travel & Hospitality Industry going forward. You need to grasp the concept of the intrapreneur, an employee at an established company who has an entrepreneurial mindset. An innovative thinker with fresh ideas for growth.

Elaborating on the concept Gary Marshall said: “Intrapreneurship enables you the opportunity to utilize funding from your organisation. Intrapreneurship gives you the ability to gain greater job satisfaction, because you’re able to exercise your creativity, build your credibility, make a meaningful impact on the business and all of it within a reasonably safe environment with no risk to your own pocket.”

Sharing further insights Gary added:All companies need Managers who will take initiative and use their intrapreneurial spirit to drive innovation and sharpen the company’s competitiveness. You have to be an intrapreneur to be valuable because a true intrapreneur is not easy to replace. Good people like responsibility, empower them, grow them”. He concluded with adding: “Most of the lessons I learned were from the TOUGH TIMES. It was these lessons that made me the person I am today.”

Attendees were captivated by the speaker’s insights and personal evolution, leaving the session empowered to tap into their own entrepreneurial potential. The conference serves as a springboard for collaborative learning, fostering a culture of innovation and growth among leaders within Cross Hotels & Resorts.

For hotels seeking a management company that thrives on entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approaches, Cross Hotels & Resorts stands out as a game-changer in the industry. Discover how you can elevate your hotel’s success by embracing the entrepreneurial ethos at Cross Hotels & Resorts.

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