Family of captains with 100 years flying experience between them fly as a trio for the first time 

Family of captains with 100 years flying experience between them fly as a trio for the first time 

In a rare occurrence, the three Captains on a Birmingham flight to Cancun had something very special in common; they were all related. Captain Henry Brewis was joined in the cockpit by his wife, Hayley and brother, Tom who are also TUI Captains for the 9-hour flight to celebrate International Families Day last week.  

“With 100 years of flying experience between us at TUI, it seemed fitting to celebrate this milestone together 35,000 feet in the air. This was the first time we have ever flown together as a trio, I haven’t flown with my brother for more than 38 years but Hayley and I fly together quite regularly”.

Henry and his brother have been pilots at TUI for 37 years, and his wife Hayley 26 years.

“People often wonder what it’s like to work with your family, but flying a plane together really takes things to a whole new level. We don’t have the standard breakfast conversation about the weather, instead will be discussing how the weather will impact the flight route for the day ahead”.

It was a particularly special flight for Henry and his wife Hayley, as it was the first time they’ve flown together since she recently returned to the role after recovering from breast cancer.

“My wife Hayley is truly an inspiration, it’s a big celebration to be back in the cockpit with her once again and cancer free. As soon as she was cleared, she was eager to get back into flying once again,” said Henry.

“It’s just so great to be back in an aircraft and taking customers to and from their holidays. I particularly missed flights like this one, where we can spend a day to turnaround in Cancun and get to enjoy some of the sights before flying back home. It’s always special when I get to fly with Henry, we usually make an announcement over the loudspeaker and customers always have lots of questions about what it’s like working together – and who is really in charge,” said Hayley.

For Henry and his brother Tom, working together as pilots fulfils a dream they used to speak about as kids.

“In our family our father, grandfather and uncles were all doctors, and they really wanted my brother and I to follow in their footsteps, but we both decided to become pilots and break the mould. As kids we used to dream of flying planes together, so being able to fly with him again after 38 years since we first flew together really is special.” said Henry.

His brother Tom also agrees saying “It was a great privilege to fly with my brother again after a gap of many years, and a first to fly with Hayley. Flying with them both was very special and one of the highlights of my careers.”



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